The Aristocratically Savoring Correlation - Mild Green Averi Liquid.


Its really good with a gps bracelet. That way you can in an easy way know where you are and others can find us if they want in a very easy way. Its amazing how the technology constantly is getting better and are improving. That way we can have a safer way of living. Its practical that is a bracelet , its small and doesn't  even have to show. So its a really good alternativ to a normal gps that we are used to that we use in the car and so on.

A conference in Brittany

I've recently heared that you can have conferences in Brittany. At first I thought they ment the country Great Brittany, but when I looked closer I saw that it actually was a place in France. I've been in France a couple of times with my family. And I really love that country. I especially love the capital city Paris. I've even been up in the eifel tower a couple of times. I think that it would be really great to have a conference there. I'm going to talk to the rest of the poeple at work about this.